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How to Turn Offers into Cash Fast

How to Turn Offers into Cash Fast

I just finished Marlon Sanders offers into cash product. It took me almost a week because I had to read it three times. Not because I didn’t understand what Marlon was talking about, but I have a really bad habit of writing down ideas that came to mind while reading.

Check out how many pages of notes I got from Offers into cash.

This eBook really does put things into perspective. Marlon, actually shows you the 10 obstacles that stand in your way when it comes to creation, promotions, and delivering epic offers. Although all the kings men couldn’t put humpty dumpty back together, Marlon only shows you were and what these obstacles are/ could be and how you can breakthrough these barriers,
 he can’t force you to take action.

If only the kings men knew about duct tape.

This isn’t anywhere near a pep talk product, you will also learn:

  • How to put JV’s together not only for product creators to get more affiliates, but affiliates making connections with other affiliates and make more cash.
  • How to find idea’s to create epic offers without spending any cash.
  • If you’re a product creator, you’ll take this same method and discover the hidden secret to creating the perfect product to sell with tailored made buyers and affiliates. 

Marlon states that after reading “offers into cash,” you’ll be able to have your first offer ready to go in 30 minutes. This is no joke, I had the concept of the following offer in just a few seconds and what you are about to read ready in about 45 minutes.

Cash for the Asking Bonus

Turn offers into cash…Fast!

When I first started copywriting back in 2005, I read sales letter after sells letter, took them apart and what I learned was one of the most valuable lessons: there are things which trigger an immediate response.

I've been a full-time internet marketer for over a decade and I've seen that lesson come to life with my offers and the offers of others over, and over. There are things you can do in order to increase the purchase rate for your offers.

I'm not talking about psychological mumbo-jumbo, fake scarcity tactics or any other "tricks." I'm talking about framing your offer in a way that creates "urgency" without sacrificing your "integrity.”

Like I said: there are things you can do in order to increase the purchase rate of your offers.

What I have done, along with licensing, I went back to all of my successful letters, blog posts, articles, product copy and social media posts that I created over the years, and assembled more than two dozen of my best high converting offers in a special report simply titled “Cash for the Asking: 27 Ways To Create Urgency And Get People To BUY!

There are two questions that need to be answered: Why do people walk away without buying? How can those who walk away be convinced to buy?

The first question has an easy answer - they didn't click the order button, enter their banking details and finalize the transaction. Maybe they didn't need the offer. Maybe they didn't like the offer. Maybe they couldn't afford the offer. Maybe they intended to come back later. There are dozens of variables. Some will NEVER buy.

Some are on the fence. Some are a strong "maybe". Some have raised their hand to say, "I'm interested ... tell me why I should buy"? It is for these people that you need to know the answer to the second question. Cash for the Asking, will give you 27 ways to convince (at least some of) those who wouldn't buy otherwise.

Here are just a few things you'll learn when you purchase your copy of “Offers into Cash,’ through my affiliate link today...

  • 27 simple things you can do to increase your "conversion rate" many of which can be implemented on the same day you download this bonus report.

  • How to increase the "perceived value" of your offer so it is "worth" more to the customer, including 5 ways to use incentives to make your offer irresistible. NOTE: It's not uncommon for people to order more because of the bonuses than the main product!

  • Pricing strategies, natural urgency triggers and social proofs that get prospects to the buy button or the checkout line - many times it's all about simple tweaks that can significantly increase buyer response!

  • My favorite "statements" to include to maximize your orders - people are actively looking for them in your sales process. If you don't include these things, there will be those that automatically will not buy!

  • Effective strategies for breaking down barriers, handling objections and getting past buyer resistance to prevent prospects from walking away without buying from you. This is the main objective of the report: to turn more "no, thank you" responses into "yes, please" responses!

None of these things is rocket-science. They aren't magic pills. They are tried and true marketing strategies that have been proven to work in producing orders.

NOTE: “Cash for the Asking,” is a report, it's not a full-blown course. It's a collection of strategies with ideas for implementing them into your business, but it's not a "step-by-step" course. You can model your offer from those in the report without wasting time creating an offer from scratch that might not work.
This is as close to copy and paste easy as you can get.

I guarantee you this - if you take just ONE of these ideas and it gets just ONE extra customer to buy from you, it will be worth the asking price? That's a medium pizza. Eat in one time and it’s over, get the report instead. Make more money than before. Eat more pizzas.

What's more “Cash for the Asking,” is as simple of a solution that I could come up with, without having you study copywriting for years, as I have. All you have to do is find an offer inside the report that you like and tweak it to match your product and B-A-N-G, you have an offer in minutes instead of days, ready to lead people by the hand straight through the purchase.

Your only one offer away from a Million Dollars.

If you’re not making the sales that you want from your products or affiliate offers then you need this report like yesterday. Click the Buy the button now. If you don’t get this report, you’ll just keep getting the same results. So order now and you’ll discover how to boost your, sales and income – fast!

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