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EZ WP Plug-n-Player Review

Do you know how your visitors are sucked in by video sharing sites such as YouTube, Vimeo etc.

              Watch this video:

              ==> YOUR-ID

   When you embed videos from these sites, you actually have very little control over how these videos are displayed. With smart overlays and display tactics, these video sharing sites manage to pull your visitors away from your site.

  But, luckily for you and me, these guys Vivek & Yaz have developed a smart solution to beat that. It's called EZ WP Plug n Player.

 While most people are happily losing their site visitors to mammoth video sharing sites, Vivek & Yaz have developed a plugin that helps retain all their visitors, thereby increasing visitor engagement on the site.

  On top of that, the videos look awesome without annyoing ads or third party branding.

Watch it in action here:

 Listen: Using video on your site is one thing, but using it EFFECTIVELY is a totally different story.

Now you can take full control of…

8 Little known Blog Tips That will Save You Time

8 Little known Blog Tips That will Save You Time & Money

You have just finished setting up your blog by creating quality content, uploaded your logo and presented  some of your affiliate promotions, products, and services . You have added propositions and promos to catch your target audience’s attention. You have achieved the do's and don’ts of building an authority site. But why isn’t your blog a major success?

Maybe you’re not planning which is the key to the best promotion for your blog Here are 8 tips that will save you time and money.

1. Video isn't just for Vloggers, it is imperative you use video for almost every post you publish. The reason is that most people like video. It takes less time to watch and listen to a video than read the content. But if your a blogger, word press doesn't make it easy, to organize your vid content. Even with the best HTML 5 video plugin installed. That is until now...

Vivek Sharma and Yaz Stone, created the EZ WP Plug-N-Player, wh…

Blogger Blogging Part 1

Blogger Blogging What you should know
Setting up a blog is remarkably simple.  I recommend that you use Google's "" platform. That is what I am using and your about to learn how to setup a blogspot blog, just like the one you're reading here.

Here are 5 great reasons why I suggest Blogger over WordPress:

Free to useDon't have to fork out any money to get started.NO hosting fee'sDon't have to learn how to FTP or use C-Panel to get up and running.Integrates easily with Google Plus,, and other Google related sites.HTTPS: When you have a self hosted blog or any website with your own domain name and hosting, your site is not certified secured, unless you pay for that certificate with your hosting company. I don't know exactly how much that costs, but I imagine it is expensive. Search engines may give you better rankings when you set up a blog with Blogger, because you will be taking advantage the Blogspot authority. And because  blog…

9 Idea’s To Consider when Starting an Internet Marketing Business

Who said Internet marketing was easy? 

It’s not. Setting up your own online business then marketing it is just as hard if not harder than a brick and mortar business. It can be painstakingly tedious and exceedingly difficult. For those that don’t have a business plan and a marketing strategy in place before starting online it can be almost impossible.

That’s why I decided to write these 9 idea's of marketing success, to help you get a grasp of what it takes be a successful online-penuer.

1.Business Model:Internet marketing is chocked full of choices, and your first choice is deciding on which business model you are going to follow. If you don’t make this choice carefully, you’ll find yourself hopping from business model to business model, spending money on programs and “secrets,” and not making any profits at all. Trust me when I say that finding a business model that appeals to you and working with that model will go a long way toward helping you succeed online.

2.Choosing A Doma…

True Email Marketing Lies Gurus Likes to Tell

Why I don't email like Ben Settle

Why don't I email like Ben Settle?

 I use RSS silly-willy.
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Reason #1: If email marketing is done wrong you will look

like a spammer. Who in their right mind wants to look like a spammer?

Reason #2: You need a business plan, a content plan, and a marketing plan. That's too much planning for me.

Reason #3: You need a squeeze page. Great designs cost a lot of money and you still need first to test and track your conversions rates.

Reason #4: You need a good autoresponder service. Without this, you are dead in the water anyway. Not to mention out of pocket $20 to $50 a month.

Reason #5: The inbox war Competition is too great. It seems that there is so much noise in the inbox that the probability of your message getting notice is slim to none.

Now I am not saying email marketing is dead. It's not. For most folks that market their services an…