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Affiliate Psycho Reviewed:

Affiliate Pscycho Reviewed. That is what we are going to check out today.

Affiliate Psycho: 8 Way to Promote Affiliate Products

What you are about to read is what I learned from Affiliate Psycho. Yup, Lee Murray is the Affiliate PSYCHO, and his product will blow you away, even if you are currently making good commissions. But if you're not then you need to continue reading.

Psycho! I know... See what one reviewer had to say about using Affiliate Psycho. 
Check out his  commissions.  And just imagine, you can be making that kind of cash in less than 7 days.

If you’re not promoting affiliate video-based products, you should be. Using video to market your business is smart. That’s because prospects respond better to video than they do to text. When you use both text and video, you’re reaching an even broader audience that attracts sales.

Below are 8 ways of using video to market your Affiliate Psycho business…

1. Keep ‘em short.

Whether you’re loading videos on YouTube or you’re using them to pre-sell products on your blog, keep them short (around five minutes or so)… especially if your audience includes people who don’t know you. If needed, break a long video into multiple series videos.

2. Post videos on your sales pages.

You can use video sales letters to highlight the main points of your regular sales letter. You can also use videos to demonstrate the product. You may also get your satisfied customers to give you video testimonials. Whichever way you use Affiliate Psycho will show you yet another way to hack your way to riches. Click here to watch the video.

3. Choose your keywords carefully.

If you’re loading your videos onto YouTube, choose keywords that your market is currently using to find information in your niche. One way to do this is to choose keywords that match those being used alongside other popular videos in your niche.

4. Know your purpose before you start.

Before you create your video promotion, choose only one purpose for your video. Is it to get subscribers? Send traffic to your blog? Pre-sell a product? Whatever the reason, base your entire video around that singular goal. Don’t confuse your viewer by giving more than one option. See this video for an example of what not to do… if you like looking like a pro.

5. Create a call to action.

You should create only one call to action in your video, where you tell people exactly what you want them to do and why (e.g., “Go to to grab Part 2 of this video – but hurry, you can only get it free for a limited time!”) Get my drift?

6. Encourage comments.

If you’re posting your video on YouTube, on your blog or other social sites, encourage comments (even controversial ones). The more people talk about your video, the more your visitors will return to your page to see what’s new.

7. Use other social sites to jumpstart the viral effect.

If you want your video to go viral, you need to advertise it. One way to do that is to link to or embed your video on your other social media site pages, like a facebook page.

8. Blog about your video.

Another way to advertise your video is to blog about it. If you embed your video on your blog, then encourage your visitors to bookmark it using, or the old fashion way.

These are only 8 ways that Affiliate Psycho can help you get more blog readers, list subscribers, and affiliate sales more easily than just running your average promotions.

What is Affiliate Psycho?

Glad you asked Lee Murray, (Crazy bearded man,) put together 13 videos explaining his PSYCHO system for making explosive sales. I haven’t gone through them all yet, but what I did learn so far, I included in this post.

So, if you are looking for a way to make more aff-cash and win leaderboards then you need to get this product ASAP.

Do I have bonuses?

You bet. 7Figure Code, Affiliate Rescue MMR, and Super Affiliate marketing Strategies. But after I finish reviewing Affiliate Psycho, I am creating video bonuses that will replace the ones listed above. I am thinking about How to Create Graphics for your blog using MSPaint3D, and my TAF Formula for fast Affiliate Cash.

The only way you can get any of these bonuses is to get Affiliate Psycho, through this link. But you better hurry, the bonuses that are ready to go are proven strategies to make you a lot of money in affiliate marketing and growing your business smartly. 

Here's just some of what you'll discover when you get Affiliate Psycho today...

You're going to get real-world results from affiliate marketing fast and easy in 13 lessons that will add cash to your bank account. Even if you get one step wrong.

ü  New to affiliate marketing? This system will take you by the hand from Zero to Affiliate Hero. Watch over Lee’s shoulder as he explains and sets up the system.

ü  This system is innovative in the RIGHT WAYS. And I believe that the most IMPORTANT innovations are those that will actually lighten your workload, simplify the process, and get you to actually TAKE ACTION because it's just... so... darned... easy.

ü  One of these innovations is Lee’s unique “Offers Page” strategy, or “Bonus Page” which allows you to run as many campaigns as you want, yet still only have to manage ONE email list with just ONE welcome email. Brilliant!

This isn’t just how to… Lee gives you the tools that he uses to make the MAGIC happen.

ü  Want to grow your Affiliate Marketing business even More? No problem there is a built-in way to do this and Lee, has you covered. He will show you how to promote other offers and once you have your first one set up, 80 to 90% will already be done.

But you have to get Affiliate Psycho first so you can…

ü  Enjoy a snowball effect. You don't just keep repeating the same results over and over. The more you do this, the more SERIOUS your income Grows!

ü  Eventually, you can walk away and do something else because the money will keep coming in! That's thanks to Lee’s FREE “Traffic Factory” strategy. 

Here is the Bonus you will get when you purchase through my affiliate link...

Master Resell Rights to Affiliate Rescue, 67 page PDF with sales site. This guide will show you how to Make affiliate Profits in 7 Days using "The Guru Piggyback Tactic."

Plus you'll get Mike Flisman's 7Figure Code" transcript and MP3 Audio
And... Super Affiliate marketing Secrets. A 72 page PDF that will show you how to become a super affiliate using tactics that will earn you a sweet income promoting affiliate products easily.

This is a limited time bonus. After I finish reviewing this product I am going to create a few videos that will get you running even faster without having to spend money on expensive graphics and you'll learn my... "TAF" formula to get cash flowing in even quicker. What is it? Let me show you what it did after I published this page.

The TAF Formula 
Notice that I only had 4 hits and made 2 sales for Affiliate Psyhco. That's 80% ROI, not just 2 or 3% as most get. This is seriously a game changer for any serious affiliate marketer. Once I get this sucker reviewed and my new bonuses created following Lee's AP system, whether you buy now or later, (Great candy BTW,) your going to get them at no cost to you. My bonus that will help you get even further faster as a thank you for purchasing through my affiliate link.  

Affiliate Psycho reviewed thanks for reading.

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